Playing Ball || Talan & Hunter

Somehow Talan found himself meeting Hunter to throw the ball around. He thought Hunter wanted nothing to do with him considering the last time they talked it didn’t end so well. But Talan never likes to hold things like that over someone’s head, he’d rather just resolve the issue and move on. So he was honestly glad to be doing something today.

It seemed like it was already starting to get cold out, so he threw a sweatshirt over his t-shirt as he got ready. He laced up his sneakers and grabbed his phone before walking out the door. Then he made the easy walk to the park to meet Hunter. He wasn’t sure exactly what they would talk about, they really didn’t know each other too well. But Talan wasn’t worried about it, and he didn’t think Hunter would actually stick to his word about putting up a fight, so he was slightly relieved.